Techuisite: the name.

Now before I go further I feel like I should explain the name for my site. Techuisite (pronounced like exquisite but with “tech” in front instead of “ex”) is a play on the words technology and requisite.

Technology is self explanatory.

The definition of requisite is, “made necessary by particular circumstances or regulations”.

In my opinion, technology is becoming a very important part of society, you could say it’s becoming a necessity by society.

I have been wanting to start a personal blog for awhile. I have many opinions and a lot of those opinions are revolved around technology. But to start a blog requires a good name. The past year I have been in pursuit of the perfect name for my blog.

When I started to build my schedule for the last semester at college, I came across the same word that most students cringe at, prerequisite. Prerequisite courses are courses that need to be fulfilled before registering and taking the next course.

This word stuck with me. I looked up the definition of requisite (prerequisite without the “pre”) and it was what I felt technology was to me and the world around me. Techuisite was thus born, and not only does the name have a meaning I was looking for but it also sounds and looks cool.