Kitty Poison Scare

My younger cat Finn got into a Lily this weekend which my wife and I discovered are extremely poisonous to cats. This destroyed any attempt of productivity on my blog or the work I brought home from the office. He is home now and seems to be okay. Going to get his blood tested to check kidney health tonight, once I’m reassured he’s going to be okay, I think I’m going to start working on the What I Carry post.

New Tech Post Idea

I definitely want to do some tech review posts on some of the tech I use everyday. I am going to start out by doing a series called What I Carry. Sort of a tech bag series where I will start out with a summary post, then follow it with more in depth posts on all the tech that I carry everyday. It’ll be a fun project and allow me to review tech but instead of random new tech coming out, I will review things I use everyday, the essentials.

Twitter #Oscars

Kinda disappointed with Twitter during the Oscars last night. During the 2016 Election Twitter was the best when watching debates and usually the Super Bowl but last night was boring. Not much was said by the people I follow, it seemed most weren’t even watching the Oscars at all.

Want to do a full post about my new Kindle Oasis. In short, it’s really great to read books on. Kindle has the benefit of not allowing you to get distracted unlike reading on an iPad or Phone. But the Oasis is on another level compared to the Paperwhite and other models.