Technology and Minimalism

My wife and I have been thinking a lot about stuff and how we can reduce the amount we have in our lives. Most of the stuff is just junk that we have from our childhood and kitchen gadgets/utensils that we don’t need or use anymore. For me the biggest thing has been all of the old technology that I have.

I went through all of my cables, old battery packs, cases, dongles, and other stuff that I keep “just in case” but never end up needing or using. I watched this YouTube video done by Joshua Fields Millburn (from the documentary Minimalism) which he talks about how to get rid of things you might need in the future. He talked about the “just in case” phrase that we use a lot. He explains in the video that if anything he is keeping “just in case” for the future is under $20 he will toss it. One example he used was how he owned a small pair of scissors in his car that cost $2. He got rid of them thinking he didn’t use them very often but once he realized how he did use them quite often he bought a new pair. Millburn does say that he is not trying to encourage just getting rid of everything and only buying them when we need them. But that if there is a threshold that you can afford to repurchase things you don’t use very often, it will start you on the path of having and needing less. You may even start to realize that you can make do without a lot of things.

Bringing this back to tech, after watching Millburn’s video and talking more to my wife I realized I didn’t need 7 micro-usb cables or old cases for an iPhone 7 I no longer have. So I reduced the amount of cables and extra items that I have been storing in drawers for year, reorganized both my personal and work bag with all the cables and essentials I need so I have everything when I’m on the go, and have also minimized the amount of power cables and dongles that I need at my desk. I have started off small and am working my way up.

Eventually I might just get rid of my desk and use our dining room table or get some kind of mini stand up desk setup facing outside a window. I mostly work on bills or other personal things at home anyway. Most of my creation work happens at coffee shops or on the go. So eliminating the things I don’t need or find useful is freeing. For now I feel pretty good with my box of dongles, cases and cables sitting in my room awaiting it’s trip to GoodWill.