Blank slate

I want to give myself a blank slate on this blog and not stress so much on the direction I want it to go. I realize now what Techuisite is for me.

You see YouTube videos with cover art that looks incredible; an iPhone X sitting on some foreign texture, displaying a modern and unknown wallpaper with a title saying some thing like “How the iPhone X changed my life” or “How the iPhone X made me more productive”.

And…… you get sucked in.

You want to know how the iPhone X might change your life. But every time you are left disappointed. Really, the only reason why you watched the video is because you either have an iPhone X and want to know how your life has been changed or you don’t have an iPhone X and want to know if you did, what it would do for you.

Overall this line of technology videos is just adding to the abundant materialism we all are victim to. I am in no way judging anyone who wants to watch, contribute or enjoy these types of videos. All I am saying is that I am starting to understand what this line of technology reviews and media means to me.

I have been thinking really hard about productivity and minimalism. I know I am obsessed with materials. Buying, owning, talking about and yearning for more and more stuff. I am starting to see that I am not enjoying the things I have but how I want to constantly replace them. This is not only making me stressed and anxious but I am starting to see an unhealthy attitude towards technology.

Don’t get me wrong I love technology. But lately I feel it has been more about the shiny and new. When it should be about the thing that technology can and has done for us as humans. I am constantly fascinated by not only what technology has done or will continue to do but how we were able to create it in the first place.

Conclusion. I don’t want to write tech reviews, I want to write about tech honestly with my own opinions on how it fits in our world. I have watched too many videos being flashy with tech reviews and first looks that I am starting to realize, though I love them and will try to moderately continue to watch them, it is not something I want to do. Techuisite is about how technology is required in our society. Lately I have been stuck in the mode of technology being a want and a status symbol. Not anymore. I want to talk about how tech can help people in big and small ways. Not about how fucking cool the new OLED screen is so you have to buy it now.