Techuisite Requisite

I like technology. I want to talk about it. I feel like I grew up right in the middle of technology really becoming personal. I had my first cell phone in fifth grade and the most I could do with the software was take phone call, send text messages and play snake. I was able to download some cool ringtones and customize the case of the phone but that was about it. It wasn’t until high school until I got a semi-smart phone which let me do a little bit more and then by my second year of college I got the original iPhone.

My point is that throughout my journey through new phones and the new technology that it harnessed I had a personal attachment to them that was far less than how my iPhone X is to me today. It is more than ringtones, cases, and games now. It is a communication device that surpasses any communication that was possible back when I was even in high school. Sending images, video calling, and being able to share things on such a huge scale. Not to mention all of the things that phones are able to provide us that only computers used to be able to back in the day: typing documents, sharing files, or even having an address book, contact list, calendar and task lists that all communicate with each other.

Our phones are our maps, our mediation schedules, our cameras and camcorders, our wallets, our clocks and alarms, our health trackers and so much more. You can not convince me that technology is not a necessity in our modern age and is why I believe it is a requisite to our lives.